Combining Art and Medicine

Expertise in the medical injectable field with a focus on highlighting your face's natural features. Offering both injectable and non-injectable treatments for natural enhancement.

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Medical Injection, Lip Filler

Enhancing your natural features.

At Stellar Beautox, we combine art & medicine through non-su​rgical advancements to achieve beautiful and natural results.  Located in Oasis Beauty Bar, we are proud to offer you a variety of appointment times to fit your schedule.

Popular Services

Our most popular services. View "Learn More" for more information on each service including pre and post care, and pricing.

Botox smooths fine lines and wrinkles by de-mobilizing the facial muscles. Can be used for TMJ issues as well


Botulinum Toxin is an injectable popular for anti-aging and preventative measures.

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Hyaluronic acid lip fillers are used to naturally enhance the lips, cheekbones and more

Injectable Fillers

Hyaluronic Acid injectable fillers can help to increase volume in the lips, or enhance other features.

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Kybella or Belkyra  is commonly used to reduce double chins, or target fat loss as a non-surgical alternative to lyposuction


Lipo/Fat dissolving injections or Kybella (as it is commonly known in the USA) is made from Deoxycholic acid.

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We provide comprehensive consultations

Meet Your Injector!

Stella Toma

I am a Windsor-based Cosmetic Injection Nurse with over 7 years of nursing experience working in surgery (ophthalmology and plastic surgery), rehabilitation, mental health, clinical and long-term care settings. I pride myself in gentle and therapeutic approaches in my practice, and treat every client (and everyone) with great respect and care.

When not injecting, I work as a scrub nurse in the operating room. And in my spare time, I enjoy outdoor bike riding, listening to audio books or podcasts, dropping in on a hot yoga class or planning my next travel destination!

With over 4 years of cosmetic injecting, I remain passionate about this career. And strive to stay up to date on continuing education. Whether that's through online or in-person seminars, ongoing training courses in search of new techniques for better aesthetic outcomes or gaining new certifications!

Turn Back The Clock

It's never "too early" to start anti aging treatments & injectables.  Check out our most frequently asked questions regarding Hyaluronic acid fillers, injectable neuromodulators, what a Lip Flip is and more!

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